Lottery Results – Irish Lotto lottery draw March 24, 2021

Ireland – Lotto Winning Numbers

Irish Lotto lottery results, March 24, 2021
Next estimated jackpot: €9,5 million

Ireland – Lotto Prize Breakdown

1st Prize: Match 6 = No Winners
2nd Prize: Match 5+1 = €54,008.00
3rd Prize: Match 5 = €1,905.00
4th Prize: Match 4+1 = €123.00
5th Prize: Match 4 = €58.00
6th Prize: Match 3+1 = €22.00
7th Prize: Match 3 = €10.00

Ireland – Lotto Lottery Information

Guess Range: 6/47
Offered In: Ireland
Wed 19:55
Sat 19:55
(Local draw time)
Jackpot Type: CASH
Tax Requirement: Lottery prizes are paid out tax-free. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.

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Ireland Lotto offers amazing odds and great secondary prizes! Choose six numbers from a guess range of 1-45 to win the jackpot or one of the seven prizes, tax-free! The luck of the Irish is on your side every Wednesday and Saturday with this lottery. Play Ireland Lotto online, and see if you can become the next Irish jackpot winner!

The Ireland Lotto’s 47-number guess range and bonus number offer players impressive winning odds, more prize categories, and some of Europe’s most impressive prizes.

Check Your Ireland Lotto Results

See if you’re an Ireland Lotto winner by comparing the 6 numbers on your ticket to the winning numbers drawn. Win the Irish Lotto jackpot prize, which starts at €2,000,000, by matching the 6 main numbers selected in the draw. You can also cash in on the lottery’s 6 secondary prize divisions by matching between 3 or 5 winning numbers, both alone and in combination with the bonus number.

The Ireland Lotto has a base jackpot of €2,000,000, which will roll over into the subsequent draw if not won. In addition to the lottery’s record jackpot of €18,963,441, other notable jackpots include a €16,717,717 prize won in April 2010 and a €16,390,239 prize won in October 2010. All Ireland Lotto jackpots are tax-free and distributed in a cash lump sum payment.

Ireland Lotto Statistics

Due to its relatively small guess range, Ireland Lotto is recognized for its favourable winning odds both for in jackpot and secondary prize divisions. Players are 42% more likely to win the Ireland Lotto jackpot than a first prize of a lottery with a pick 6/49 structure. The odds of winning the Ireland Lotto jackpot are an impressive 1 in 10 million, making this lotto one of Europe’s most accessible prizes.

Ireland Lotto donates 32 cents of every Euro earned. In 2010 alone, Ireland Lotto donated €243.7 million to non-profit organizations and charities around Ireland. Beneficiaries include the MS Society of Ireland, Irish Hockey, Environmental and Educational organizations, Tourism and arts council, and projects that promote health and benefit children.

To read more about Ireland’s Lotto, check out the official site.

Chances to win Ireland – Lotto

1 Prize 6 = 1:10,737,573
2 Prize 5+1 = 1:1,789,595
3 Prize 5 = 1:44,740
4 Prize 4+1 = 1:17,895
5 Prize 4 = 1:917
6 Prize 3+1 = 1:688
7 Prize 3 = 1:55

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