Loto 6

They entered the asteroid’s airspace and landed on its floor by hiding in dummy asteroids. Each Loto carried ECOAS soldiers equipped with explosives that were planted round Palau. After the SCVA-seventy ロト 6 3 等 six Nahel Argama fired its hyper mega particle cannon at Palau’s navy district, one Loto piloted by Daguza Mackle moved to the 14th space gate to select up Banagher.

Furthermore, the treads of the tank mode also assist the Loto to transverse over uneven terrain rather more easily. The Loto can be optionally outfitted with a right shoulder-mounted machine cannon, which speedy fires 25mm live rounds. At around 12.2 meters, the Loto’s small dimension is made attainable because of SNRI successfully minaturizing the cellular go well with reactor.


The Loto’s fixed armaments embrace two beam burners and a pair of arm-mounted missile containers. It does not possess standard cellular suit manipulators, but can mount a variety of weapons on its shoulders for larger versatility. These optional weapons embrace a pair of lengthy cannons, a mega machine cannon, or a small machine cannon. Thus, although not designed for direct fight, the Loto performs admirably as a mid-to-long range support unit. Four Lotos were dispatched to the asteroid Palau for the operation of rescuing Banagher Links and retrieving the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam.

loto 6

The D-50C Loto is a special operations transformable cellular swimsuit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. During the early half of the second common century, the Earth Federation got here to a period of peace it had not known because the first half of the first common century. Because of that peace, there was no need for a stealth/infiltration mobile suit and the Loto was retired. At this time, Anaheim Electronics created the F-50D Guntank, a new small scale reworking artillery mobile suit based mostly on the Loto. However, not like the Loto, the F-50D Guntank was thought of a failure and never made it past the prototype stage. It is unknown how many F-50D prototypes had been manufactured, nevertheless, no less than one was auctioned off and purchased by a civilian collector.

Battle At Industrial 7

Although this reactor’s output is much lower than different modern cellular suit reactors, it is sufficient for powering the Loto. Another factor for the Loto’s measurement is the adjustment of the clearance for every a part of the cellular swimsuit within the scale of millimeters to take away useless space. To function a troop service, the Loto has a compartment in its again for carrying up to eight soldiers and so they exit through a foldable loading ramp within the lower again.

loto 6

Two Lotos were dispatched during UC 0096, every with their very own small commando troop, to infiltrate the house colony Industrial 7. One of the models japan lotto 6 result tried to ambush the Sleeves’ NZ-666 Kshatriya, but was shortly destroyed.

Gundam Construct Fighters

The different three took up positions to behave as cell turrets, firing on the Sleeves’ deployed cell fits, catching them in a crossfire with the Nahel Argama’s approaching mobile go well with group. During the battle, the three Lotos destroyed quite a few enemy cell suits before the two geared up with long cannons were quickly destroyed by Full Frontal and Angelo Sauper. The Nahel Argama’s remaining two Lotos were deployed as part of the escort pressure. When the Sleeves attacked, orders were given to retreat, with the Lotos being wanted to behave as turrets to protect the ship. However, as a result of the Lotos had been at Laplace and required the help of one other cell suit to return to the ship, the retreat was delayed. The Loto’s capability to rework from a mobile suit mode to tank mode facilitates speedy deployment of the carried troopers and likewise reduces its height to round 3-4 meters.

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