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There may be cases where somebody is out for gain, performing with continued contumacy and anxious to flout the legislation for financial benefit, and in such instances it ought to be made recognized that it isn’t price whereas to commit the offence. There is all of the distinction between such a man and the individual to whom the hon. Member for Gorbals (Mr. Buchanan) referred, who would most likely be dealt with very leniently under the Probation of Offenders Act. There is all the difference between that particular person and someone organising or conspiring to set aside what is the decision of Parliament, and doing it for monetary advantage.

The principle is that it is undesirable to multiply the duties of the Director, having regard to the nice public benefit which has been up to now secured of getting his private attention to matters that come under his control. was thought that the decision to institute proceedings was considered one of some delicacy and problem and that the Director ought to be the responsible authority. I hope that what I actually have said is enough to satisfy the Committee. Generally talking, if the police prosecute in issues of this sort and a decision is given, the follow is adopted and adopted all around the nation. A well-known occasion was that in Sheffield of a football competitors some 5 or 6 years ago, when a choice was obtained and was acted upon by police and newspapers all around the country.

Gentleman sits down might I ask him a question? I perceive him to say that he and his pals are talking on behalf of the Press. If that have been so, it will have a really appreciable affect on the Committee, but will he say for which organisation he’s speaking? Member for Silvertown has won a prize is a listing which is not complete. Member’s speech on that event, announcing the truth that he was the winner of £30,000, they’d have dedicated a crime. the newspapers, at whose request I understand my hon.

A decision of authority obtains foreign money very quickly and becomes universally adopted. The Director of Public Prosecutions, as I know, for he acts under my superintendence because the Statute establishing his workplace supplies, does personally give his consideration to the duties which he has to carry out. It is very remarkable how, because the office was instituted, successive Directors have managed to maintain private management of the matters dedicated to their charge.

I have no idea why you need to should show that you don’t intend to promote it, when it is only a question of 1 ticket. If there were dozens of tickets in a single’s possession there could be prima facie proof that you were going to do some trade with them and that would be a special matter. It seems to me that newbie detectives and novice legal professionals will have a rich harvest out of this Bill when it becomes law, and I would recommend that that is newbie legislation. to bring into this nation, or to invite any individual to send to this country, any ticket or advertisement of a lottery. If we had accomplished that and had stopped before the words to which my hon.

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Gentleman will not, or dare not, tell it to the Committee? I don’t care what the reason could also be but I submit that the Committee has a proper to hear the reason and in addition to have a significantly better defence of this Clause than the proper hon. Gentleman has given and I hope he will face the situation whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant. not dealing with them, it was necessary to incorporate these phrases. But absolutely on this Clause he is dealing with these matters and is making a definite provision in regard to them.

He actually gave us one or two totally unsound causes in his reply, and I for one, if the Home Secretary or the Under-Secretary can not add anything to the unique assertion, will go into the Lobby in support of the Clause. So far as my information goes, we have none of these lotteries and scandal—at least for the cottage hospitals to which miners go. I do not imagine that we’ve such lotteries both for the big hospitals. I assume it’s disgraceful that hospitals should be dependent upon that help. The hospitals of this country must be positioned under the Ministry of Health if they are in that plight.

Do not forget to hold your ticket and any Valid ID proof like Aadhaar Card, using license, PAN Card, voter ID card and lots of others. to the lottery division for the verification procedure. However, worthwhile ticket holders want to bear in mind that throughout the time interval of 30 days of the declaration of the consequences they’ll need to say the prize cash as after that it’ll no longer be considered reliable. Also, they’ll have to go to the administrative center of the lottery division to obtain the profitable quantity and fill a kind.

night lottery sambad

I am accepting it because the judgment of the Home Secretary and of my hon. May I make yet one more representation about this limitation of dog racing? There is a type of playing offered overseas for the wealthy, at casinos, but they’re prohibited on this nation and it is humbug due to this fact to say that this can be a Bill to take care of the poor man’s form of sport. It does no good to aim to create any class prejudice in that method.

was quite narrow from the point of view of bills, and the Government agreed. that it must be elevated to 5 per cent. Then there was the further downside of what was often known as the breakages. At no time, as the Government understood this problem, was it understood that these breakages added to the 5 per cent. would amount in the complete to greater than 6 per cent. It has since been ascertained that on some tracks the unit of betting could also be altered and that may materially change the place.

Some people deprecate this new offence but at the most, if you met at dinner an individual who had been responsible of it, you’d say, “You naughty boy,” and that may be the extent of the condemnation that may be visited upon him. It is just a pattern of the wrong-headedness of the Government. It will cost them their life, as a result of people is not going to put up with such a prostitution of justice. It is a really outstanding thing that the Socialists and the Samuelite Liberals are supporting the Government. [Interruption.] I am glad there are some who usually are not. Both in the Committee and here the Opposition have supported the Government as a result of they know they are supporting them on the downward track that leads to their dissolution and demise.

In a short time this explicit commerce or sport will disappear for there might be very few tracks left within the nation. If this sport comes along and might show a dependable formulation whereby the Government aren’t going to be defeated out of any earnings, I think the Home Secretary ought to settle for it. It comes as a great shock to us to hear that you cannot have sincere accountants to check the machines. A chartered accountant positioned in supervision absolutely supplies a guarantee of reliability. If you concern two rolls at 36, that may be seventy two whether you’re dealing with a tote or a hand-manipulated machine.

There is plenty of trouble already with bogus charities; we don’t want to give another opening to them. While, after all, any appeal for charities must touch a certain chord in anyone’s heart, this isn’t a Clause which my proper hon. Friend can recommend for insertion in the Bill. With regard to the primary point, the legislation is that every one these prosecutions will take place earlier than the Sheriff, and none before an area Justice of the Peace. That is the results of a collection of choices which put it beyond all doubt that, since there isn’t any jurisdiction conferred upon the burgh magistrates, the only courtroom in which such cases could be tried will be the sheriff’s court.

You can’t see what is going on there, and I have not found anyone thinking about enterprise who can say what amount of money ought to be within the check. Whether or not it’s a hand machine or a tote, essentially the most illiterate people and the highly educated, would want to know when they came to the till the way it was that there was no more cash in it. There may be something tonights euro millions results great in the tote and in its mechanical units, but there is additionally a really peculiar part in what has occurred to-night to which I want to draw attention. It may be that my remarks and strictures on the hon. Member for Balham (Sir A. Butt) have been slightly past the mark. I was certain to rebut some of the things he said, however I did it within the heat of the moment, and I was going to apologise.

I hope, therefore, that, in view of the very onerous work that hospitals have in these difficult instances to lift funds to carry out their work, my proper hon. If we’ve to break the continuity of those competitions, as will be readily understood we could lose a large number of clients. I hope it could be potential to steer the Home Office to do something within the matter.

They are very anxious to keep their very own organisation under the control of their very own members and I recommend that if the Government were to delete this Subsection and make it possible for many who wish to assist the club to apply for tickets by post the best hon. Gentleman wouldn’t be opening the gates of Hades particularly wide. I don’t assume that the members of the golf equipment could be completely demoralised or that the people who purchased the tickets would be demoralised. It would have a helpful result and would give the clubs some hope that Parliament is going to conduct itself more in a human method than we now have done since we began discussing Part II of the Bill.

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Clause 24

Surely, however, there is no issue here as to the freedom of the Press. What actually issues is that a restrict must be set to the inducement to purchase tickets in the Irish or some other sweepstake. That is the sound, utilitarian precept. Member for South Kensington (Sir W. Davison) talked about a fantastic cavalcade of elephants, and his mental elephantiasis appears to have infected the right hon.

I hope the Committee will now make a decision on the Clause and let us cross on to other matters. I actually have undertaken already to look into the question of newspapers significantly. As the Bill has been earlier than the House for a substantial time I can say that some proposals have been made through the Committee Stage that might nicely have been made at an earlier stage. I do not complain, however I do say that the issues to which the best hon.

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These competitions have been extremely popular and they have been very efficiently run. Therefore, the advertising of these competitions has really served a double purpose. The cause for that is that one of many essential options of a lottery is a payment.

Friend return in time to see the fate of his proposal. We do not fake to be better draftsmen than the Government, and I gather that the manuscript Amendment will cowl the point we had in thoughts, particularly, that the inquiry must be restricted to the operations of the totalisator. We were anxious to guard the tracks from having all their books thrown open for examination, which could have had undesirable results. I thank the Home Secretary for having met us in this matter. I think about that this new Clause covers with less hampering considerations the real necessities of the nation on this respect.

We must assume that he thought they had been men of the highest capability and integrity. When it involves little applications for hospitals, it suits his case to take an reverse point of view, and he says that he would not trust them in that two-penny-halfpenny matter. As a really nice admirer of the Government, I don’t assume this absence of consistency and this forgetfulness will totally enhance their status.

When this Bill was originally drafted it was publicly said on behalf of the Government that the object was to give such a rake-off as would pay the bills of the totalisator solely, leaving nothing for the promoters by the use of profit. When the Bill was printed the determine deemed sufficient to satisfy that proviso was three per cent. Now we are told the determine is to be doubled to six per cent.

We should show that the issues in our possession have been lawfully purchased by us. Until one can show that these things are ours legally we are to be advised that we have no proper to them, because we might have introduced them here to promote. What is it presumed that a man is going to do with that ticket?

Gentlemen will do one thing of that nature. It has rather left a painful impression on a number of hon. Members that the interests of the bigger tracks appear to be solely catered for on this Bill.

  • It is folly to ask the hospitals of this nation dependent on lotteries to be the subject of situations in Clause 21.
  • May I put again a query which was put a moment or two ago?
  • It is somewhat like saying that intoxicating liquor must be consumed on the premises.
  • I may save time if I directly thank my right hon. and discovered Friend for his assertion.
  • I occur to be a Justice of the Peace myself and I can see what would happen to the hon.

The native people love having one thing of the kind when the money is for an establishment to which they are attached. In the smallest towns there are cottage hospitals, for which native people regard it as a social obligation to do every little thing in their power. Why ought to there be all this intervention and interference with the rights of the people to raise cash for hospitals within the benevolent and kindly means that has been adopted for generations?

Whether one has to buy the prizes exterior or is relying upon some sort of collection to safe them, there isn’t any doubt that except where the prizes are actually items they constitute a part of the initial value of the entertainment. I suppose it is just honest in those cirstances to insert in the Bill phrases to the impact that where the prizes aren’t presents the cost should be deducted from the quantity of the proceeds to be considered. This matter is more essential than it appears on the floor.

It would be tough for any organisation, irrespective of how much goodwill was behind their motion, to aim to raise funds under Clause 21. Imagine what the place of the right hon. Gentleman who made a most marvellous enchantment in Sheffield just a few weeks ago on behalf of the National Government would have been if the cost of that great meeting had had to be defrayed during the course of the leisure. Gentleman’s speech would have been very considerably interrupted.

I am glad the Home Secretary accepts the proposal. It limits to a really small extent the evil which under this Bill is now stereotyped from one end of the nation to the other. I trust most earnestly there’ll come some day a Parliament which could have the braveness to cope with this question on its actual merits, and never in accordance with the voting pressure that can be dropped at bear on it.

It is equally important that we must always shield the local authorities from taking it. There solely stay the charitable organisations and the church buildings, or one thing of that sort, to take it. Who goes to have this tainted cash?

There seems to be no cause for it besides his own prejudice in opposition to lotteries of all sorts. He is so obstinate on the matter that he won’t hearken to any argument put ahead in this House. I would level out to the Committee that in Part I of the Bill we’re legalising betting on a really large scale.

I am making an attempt to induce on the Home Office that they haven’t any right to extend penalties in this connection in this Bill. If it is not the intention of the Home Secretary to impose additional hardships on the people I even have indicated, I am completely happy. If it’s an addition to the hardship of showmen on this nation, then I must oppose the Clause as unjust and unwarranted. If the showmen will continue to function as before and not be harshly handled, while the degree of vigilance is not undue, I shall be perfectly satisfied to withdraw my opposition.

The solely appeal that I would make to my right hon. Member that these offences are connected with gaming, which is not touched by this Bill one way or the other and is outdoors the scope of the Bill. If a person wants to kill his wife he needn’t give her poison. He has solely to buy a motor car and kill her in that means, and all he will get at the most is a relatively brief sentence. All I can say is that the Clause doesn’t have an effect on the interests which the hon. The burden of my speech is that for years—and this isn’t irrelevant—we, who’ve been entertained in our 1000’s, and the hundreds engaged in working these reveals, have never been in a position to determine what is the factor of skill in operating a fair.

Gentleman has promised to go into that matter however it’s a pity that there should be this contradiction within the Bill. In the second place Sub-section is supposed to deal solely with stuff coming in from abroad. If you went to Ireland or the Continent and got here again with the ticket in your possession you would be bringing it in. It could be as properly on Report stage for the Home Secretary to put in an Amendment making it perfectly clear that this only pertains to lotteries promoted overseas. There is a loophole, and a troublesome position might come up. We are sure to point it out to the Government.

night lottery sambad

There is not the slightest ethical basis for these invasions which are being made on liberty—I don’t imply the freedom to gamble, however the liberty to live, to walk freely on the street, the liberty of your fellow-man. On these grounds I assume the House ought to think about, with very rather more gravity than it has, a Clause like this. One of the best difficulties which they need to face in the United States is the big volume of legislation, which is poured out like a mill by all of the legislatures every year. We are moving into the same kind of mood here.

The girls and gentlemen who run the lotteries usually are not doing so for private gain. They have their ordinary occupations and so they give their time and generally a great deal of their money to the work of preserving the hospitals going. The larger hospitals have hinted that they don’t need any such scheme. The hon. and gallant Member for Bury St. Edmunds explained that under such a Clause it would be possible to have lotteries for establishments like St. Dunstans and the National Lifeboat Institution.

At many fetes and issues of that kind, lotteries wouldn’t take place unless it were attainable to use some a part of the proceeds to the acquisition of prizes. I sympathise with the Government’s desire to maintain out the unscrupulous promoter, but to try this on the expense of penalising those that most require these lotteries to be able to keep it up, doesn’t seem to be a good course to pursue. My object in attempting to elicit that data was because I was going to prove that if the thing was to help charity, the actual fact of leaving the Clause as it is would mean that those cases which are essentially the most deserving can be absolutely cut out. If, nonetheless, I might not ask a query, perhaps I could make a press release. I don’t assume the query put by the hon. The query is whether the prize money shall or shall not be deducted from the proceeds of the lottery.

not a recognised precept that it is ineffective for the House of Commons to pass legal guidelines which it cannot enforce. No doubt the chief object of the Home Secretary is the suppression on this nation of the sale of tickets for the Irish Sweepstake. I don’t suppose that this provision would have appeared in the Bill in any respect had the Irish Sweepstake not been in existence. Gentleman has to suppose additionally of the thousands of sweepstakes that are conducted yearly, month-to-month, weekly, almost hourly, on this country, and not of the Irish Sweepstake alone.

The same thing is true of the best hon. If he actually feels as strongly as he has indicated in his speech, he should take the matter to a Division and see how much help he can get. The Royal Commission said there were fewer objections to a national sweepstake than to another form of betting and playing as a result of there were no non-public pursuits to be conciliated and, in the event that they found it was not fascinating where to buy lottery tickets, they may discontinue it without delay. Again and again we see within the Press instances of probably the most brutal cruelty to animals and human beings punished by a sentence of 1 or two months in jail or a paltry nice, however a person who takes a ticket in a lottery twice could also be fined £750 and imprisoned for a yr. It is bringing the legal law into disrepute.

The Amendment raises the issue whether the post shall be used for the switch of tickets in lotteries. Here, once more, we come up in opposition to the sensible and administrative downside. If we permit small lotteries to ship tickets by post it is rather difficult to see how we’re going to distinguish between the small lottery and the big one. consideration to this physique of men who’re most loyal residents and very helpful to our people, each in the industrial regions and rural areas, where they thoroughly benefit from the innocent leisure which these travelling showmen provide for them. The Amendment has been put down with a view to serving to them to carry on their work. Gentleman will favourably consider the matter and be able to do one thing towards serving to these people who are trying so hard to assist themselves and to provide entertainment typically under most tough situations.

Member raised this problem in Committee upstairs, and I promised then to think about it. I suppose the solution which he proposes is an affordable one to deal with a problem which has triggered a specific amount of concern. If this is done it will give an added alternative to the greyhound tracks to run on these four days. At the identical time it’ll put a set limit on the variety of races to be run on every day, and I consider that to be generally in accord with the views of the Committee. I don’t assume that I am known as upon to apologise to the Committee even at this late hour if I say a number of phrases on this subject. I suppose that there was somewhat ungracious remedy of this Clause.

Gentleman might agree to without conceding the precept of national lotteries or Irish sweepstakes. At some bazaars or fêtes people buy a ticket for a penny or sixpence and prizes are offered to the holders of sure tickets, and that is to be permissible under this Bill to a limited extent and, incidentally, for the aim of the undertaking. The hon. and realized Member is sort of right in the level of Order he has raised. It additionally deals with lotteries, however it is not a Measure to amend the legislation regarding betting typically, and subsequently I must maintain that anything dealing with gaming is out of order.

Then we now have to contemplate how that kind of speak, which I trust may all be dispersed—I hoped the Home Secretary would have dispersed it with a gesture—is all coupled up with the fantastic professions which the Government make, and made to us last night. We heard what a horrible thing it was for a man who had been Chancellor of the Exchequer to suggest that you just may need a national sweep on the Derby. I help the Amendment extra for the aim of getting a reply from the Home Secretary than in the hope that the Amendment shall be accepted.

I hope that native newspapers aren’t going to be prohibited from publishing the results of church bazaars as well as of the Irish Sweepstake, or we may see Lord Rothermere’s Paris edition of the “Daily Mail” publishing the result of a bazaar in the constituency of my hon. Friend the Member for Attercliffe (Mr. Pike). However that may be, this Amendment, if it does nothing extra, will give the right hon. Gentleman a chance of explaining what is in his mind in reference to what I can solely regard as a rather extraordinary Clause within the Bill.

If this Clause stated “shall not exceed 30 tickets,” that could be hard strains on the person with 31 tickets, however to say that the analogy of the velocity limit was comparable is absurd. What we object to is that the person with one ticket may be prosecuted. The Home Secretary within the kindness of his coronary heart says he doesn’t imply the guy who has just one ticket. But a judge has to resolve on the words of the Act, not on the words of the Home Secretary. We don’t want to be dependent on the great will of a magistrate or a Home Secretary.

If there’s any suggestion of that kind it means throwing the whole thing back right into a financial lottery which the Committee has already rejected. We can’t comply with the Clause in itself, and I should like the Committee to look at it rigorously. The new Clause provides that a certificates must first be obtained from the native authority and that the chief of police should be warned of the lottery by registered letter, and that there must be no money prizes. Almost every thing that an ordinary particular person can think of has been arranged for and if such a lottery had been permitted I do not assume that it might lower the tone of the district.

I consider that to-day some machines may be purchased at about £2,000 or £2,500. But individuals are not to have the same power of operation. You have curtailed the times of operation and you have made it impossible for them to know whether they can carry on. I don’t imagine there may be a vast amount of money or an Eldorado or that stocks will go up in reference to this enterprise. Accountants are honourable men and Income Tax authorities will accept their word as being reliable.

Surely a magistrate is not to be thought to be if he were an emperor in his own proper. I occur to be a Justice of the Peace myself and I can see what would happen to the hon. Member for South Kensington (Sir W. Davison) if he got here earlier than me at Stratford.

When the matter was being discussed in one other place it was then decided that the three per cent. Gentleman’s Amendment to line 11 deal with this subject? There are four cubicles where tickets are bought. The tickets have numbers, from one to 100, or one to 1,000. Just before the race is because of begin, down go the home windows.

show how important a supply of revenue these lotteries can be to small nation hospitals. I actually have the peace of mind of the secretary of this consultant affiliation that if no provision is made in the Bill for the continuance of the lotteries many hospitals throughout the land will endure a serious setback. London space that are represented by a, completely different body and I understand that the great London hospitals aren’t notably beneficial to this scheme of lotteries.

We are legislating for the public not to rating off individuals. I rather resent the concept of trying to score off the general public in order to rating off a humble Member of the House. These phrases are objectionable and I am glad that the Home Secretary has promised to look into them.

Of course, they have been unlawful, but the blind eye has been turned towards them hitherto. There is an effective reminder of the blind eye not far away—I discuss with the statue of the famous sailor—and I assume the blind eye may very well be turned in direction of any little irregularities which may come up from summer time guests taking tickets away with them. I should be keen to accept any affordable Amendments confining these lotteries to native areas, and I feel that it will be unimaginable for them to become anything like national lotteries. Gentleman to do another graceful act to-night by promising to try to devise between now and the Report stage a way of sustaining under the Bill the freedom which in these matters hospital authorities have enjoyed in apply for a few years. The Bill says that lotteries are illegal besides two kinds, the small ones linked with fetes and bazaars and those connected with golf equipment and institutions. This is a proposal to introduce a 3rd category—the charitable.

There are plenty of safeguards, for you could have the licensing authorities who can put in their very own accountant and a. mechanic to see that no hanky-panky is occurring. If the Home Secretary doesn’t settle for this Amendment he is not going to be showing very nice confidence in the ability of the native licensing authorities. There is another reason why I do not suppose that the mechanical tote should have a monopoly on this nation.

Practically, each country on the planet runs totes nowadays, and that they need to have a monopoly in this country does not enchantment to me in any respect. I do not suppose it is right that anyone ought to have a monopoly, and I don’t suppose that the hand-operated tote should be abolished in favour of the mechanical tote. There is another point which I ought to like to put to the Committee.

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